Wednesday, August 30, 2017

So I have this Instagram...

Hello all.
So I don't know if all of you are simply as incredible as me but I've found this thing. Well, I've had this thing for a while. And sometimes I use it. If I feel like it.
Basically, it is this thing called


Have you herd of it? My hooman loves it. I, of corse, am disdainful.
Well, It's, ...okay.
Fine. I enjoy it. It's basically a page full of all my cuteness! And people love me a faun over how adorable I am. What's not to love?
But I don't enjoy it, that much... if you know what I mean.

Anyway, if you want to follow an adorably  *cough* I mean sophisticated Instagram, my user name is


(Follow me! I need followers!)

Have a lovely day all.
Till next time,
Sir Ferny

Friday, October 28, 2016

Co-hosting a fashion blog!

Hello every bunny! Hope you are doing well!

I am happy to announce that I will be co-hosting a fashion blog with my friend Mocha PrincessDoll!

The blog is about Asian-Western-PrincessStyle fashion fusion! Obviously this blog can use some input by me as it is a fusion blog (and I must say that I adore looking spiffy), so I will be appearing there!

I will also be more active on this blog.

Stay binking my friends!
Sir. Fernly

Sunday, August 23, 2015

New friends?

Well my friends, I ran into the most interesting, maybe new friends the other day!
We where in the parking lot and saw some other bunny parents putting there bunnies in the car for a family vay-kay. They where all very nice looking bunnies, well groomed and looked like they got a lot of love. There mama wanted to hold me, and of corse I agreed. She said I was soft! I liked her very much. I am much looking forward to the idea of having bunny play dates! I hope we can become friends!

New opportunities...

I think I have hit on something.
Wish me well as I delve into a new musical currier!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hello again my companions.

Let us just say that the reason I have not been blogging is because my mama's health is, well, not so good. It is good in a way for her though, because she is now at a boarding school that can help her get better.
All this happened about 8 mounts ago, and I must say, I have been rather distressed. I know it is for my dear mama's interest to be where she is, but I don't see her much and this is distressing to me. It's not that Meme is not taking good care of me, but I, as much I hate to admit it, I miss my mama. She only is around on some weekends and is usually doing lots of things, and I feel rather put to the side. Now, I am not a needy bun, but it would be nice to see her more, be pet more, go out more, not be alone at night. I must admit, I have been struggling. I'm sorry, this a more serious post then the usual frivolous stuff I normally post, but I'm a bunny and I have feelings too. And to be perfectly honest, she hides the banana treats so they won't give me to much sugar and then forgets about it, so I hardly ever get my precise banana chips!
I think I will delve into music...

We will only be available on occasional weekends so please be patient with us in responding to things. :3

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Note from mummy on bunny massage!

Massage is pleasurable to most of us, right? Well, bunnies enjoy it too! Enhancing your regular petting with a little bunny massage is a great way to bond with your bunny more and help their health, leading to a happier, healthier bunny!

Do not fear if your bun does not take to massage immediately  They have to get used to it, and many buns will end up liking it so much that they will demand it from you!

This is how I massage my bunnies.

I first start with the head, a good nose rub like most bunnies love. If you feel any tension, concentrate your rubbing on that, not to hard, just rub it with moderate firmness till you can feel it desolve away. It takes longer then one rubbing to get the tension completely out of their body for most buns, especially buns who are not massaged on a regular basis. Do not be discouraged.

Move down to the cheeks. This will take some getting used to for most buns. Slowly massage in a circular motion. This will feel wonderful to your bunny.

Move upwards to the crown of the head. Massage, again in a circular motion around your bunny's ears.

Move between your bunny's ears to it's shoulder blades. Rub in between your bun's shoulder blades to it's spine. You should be able to feel it's spine here. Massage it and into the neck, as this part of the bun's body holds a lot of tension. 

Rub gently around your bunny's neck, relieving the tension.

Move across it's back. Dig your fingers into the muscle on either side of the spine and rub across the spine. Also rub around the gut of your rabbit gently.

Make your hand into a claw shape and rub his rump, going from back to front. You will probably feel the muscles jump a bit, this is good, the tension is leaving your bun. However, they will probably not enjoy the sensation to much. Brush the fur back in to place after this.

Rub each hip in a circular motion. You might feel more jumping of the muscle. Again, this is okay! This is good!

You can gently rub the feet, but leave the tail alone.

Recap at the head with a good nose rub. This will leave your rabbit feeling happy.

Consider playing relaxing, meditative music while doing this, as they are very responsive to sound. Also, you might consider a natural, good feeling scent, like the chakra scents from Aveda, as they are very responsive to smell.

I hope this helps you to spend peaceful, quiet time with your bunny. 

Thank you Sir. Fernly for posing for these pictures!

Hope your days are binky worthy!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I am alive!

Yes my friends, it has been a long time.

My dear mama got very sick for a spell (pretty much all of February) and was not able to help me with my blog.

I am so sorry if I missed anything important, please fill me in on all that I've missed!

Thank you all.

Sir Fernly