Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank you 2013

Thank you 2013
Thank you for a lovely year
Thank you for my loving family
Thank you for my friends
Thank you for all the happiness brought to me this year
Thank you for the good food
Thank you for the hugs and kisses
Thank you for the warm house
Thank you for all the binks
And thank you for the love

May you bink with every step

Monday, December 30, 2013

The importence of play

Something I've wanted to address, for bunny mamas and papas, is the importance of play.

As we all know, a board bunny is a trouble bunny and will get into everything!

A bunny should get lots of out-of-cage exercise each day and someone to play with! Please spend time playing with us!

Now, how do you play with a bunny, you -may ask. Well, there are many ways!

Though you might not think at first that training sounds like play, it is so much fun! It works our minds and we get yummy treats, and most importantly, you are spending time with us! We are ready and willing to please if only you are patient with us! We love it!

What toys do you get for a bun? Cat toys often are quite good, I like the crinkle balls myself! I also like jingle balls~

We love love love to be pet! This is grate bonding time between us and our humans! If we don't want to be pet though, it could mean that we need to run around a little first before being ready to settle down for a pet session.

For more bunny info, go to rabbit.org!

May you bink with every step

Sunday, December 29, 2013

What an exiting day on the internet!

My my, my dear readers.
Today has been most exiting a day for me upon the internet!
I have, I am most amazed to say, obtained a /amazing 5 followers today on instagram and been accepted into the Facebook group "House Rabbit Society", a group I had most wished to become a part of! I am, indeed, flabbergasted!
Thank you so much, all my dear friends!

May you bink with every step.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Friday, December 27, 2013

Hello All.

Hello All.
My name is Sir. Fernly.
It is such a pleasure to become acquainted with you.
This blog is a Christmas present from my mama.
I suppose you would like to know a little about myself before we go on our escapade together.
My name is Sir. Fernly.
I am, indeed, a rabbit.
Treat me with respect.
It is an honor to know me.
I like face pettings.
And apples.
And bananas.
Very much.
Don’t forget it if you are to send me a gift basket.
Which I am sure you will do.
I like to explore!
I love to have fun!
I like to play games!
And all sorts of stuff!
I am really a delight to be around!
Even if I chew on things found.
I have a mama.
And a Meme.
A Grandma.
And a Grandpa.
My family loves me.
 I go by Fern.
But you may call me Sir. Fernly
This blog is called the miraculous tail of Sir. Fernly because I have quite a beautiful tail and
My name is Sir. Fernly.
I never go to you.
You come to me.
With each day comes new adventure.
My name is Fern.
My name is Sir. Fernly.

May you bink with every step.