Friday, December 27, 2013

Hello All.

Hello All.
My name is Sir. Fernly.
It is such a pleasure to become acquainted with you.
This blog is a Christmas present from my mama.
I suppose you would like to know a little about myself before we go on our escapade together.
My name is Sir. Fernly.
I am, indeed, a rabbit.
Treat me with respect.
It is an honor to know me.
I like face pettings.
And apples.
And bananas.
Very much.
Don’t forget it if you are to send me a gift basket.
Which I am sure you will do.
I like to explore!
I love to have fun!
I like to play games!
And all sorts of stuff!
I am really a delight to be around!
Even if I chew on things found.
I have a mama.
And a Meme.
A Grandma.
And a Grandpa.
My family loves me.
 I go by Fern.
But you may call me Sir. Fernly
This blog is called the miraculous tail of Sir. Fernly because I have quite a beautiful tail and
My name is Sir. Fernly.
I never go to you.
You come to me.
With each day comes new adventure.
My name is Fern.
My name is Sir. Fernly.

May you bink with every step.