Thursday, January 2, 2014

A most cheeky comrade

Hello friends.
I have most recently made a unexpected comrade on this journey of blogdom.
His name is Speedy, and he is the most cheeky of rabbits.
But really, he is a quite charming fellow. He is also a knight, like I am, but he has many more accomplishments than I do. He has roamed the seas with pirates and as a caption, he is a buccaneer and not afraid of anything.
Now, I am a Gentlebunny, so it behoves me to question his times with pirates. However, I begin to wonder if the grand seas might suit me as well. It does seem like a mighty adventure.
Be carful though Gentlebunnies and LadyBuns, he is full of wit and charm and may very well steel your precious daughters from you!
Anyhow, I have decided to befriend this daring adventurer and hope to have many good times and escapades with this new comrade.
I do hope you will visit his blog, for he has a very nice one. It is,

Good day to you all
Sir Fernly.