Friday, January 10, 2014

My humble abode, Sky Crest, January decorations

Hello my readers.

Today, I am going to tell you about my home, Sky Crest.

I currently reside in a gated community, but I am looking forward to stretching my horizons.

My personal dwelling is called Sky Crest, for it is, in my opinion, a castle in the sky. It has 3 floors, but I only use the top floor and the courtyard. The bottom two floors are for all my possessions.

As you will notice, my caretaker mama, has a particular liking for the colour pink. This sometimes vexes me as I am a male rabbit, but in general I do not often mind.

Right now my home is decorated for January. It is really quite nice I think.

Here you can see my Rosemary tree that sits atop my abode as well as my top floor.

Two guardian bunnies sit on either side of the tree on the lace runner. The tree is decorated with pinecones and a blue headband. The bunnies where hand made.

My top floor is decorated with soft, snow like bedding. You can see three doily snowflakes on my walls. I have one of my silver balls to play with and a chewy.

Next is my first and second floor. Here lies my food, my carriers, my bedding, my toys and all my other comforts. It is decorated with a few doily snowflakes.

Then is my courtyard. It has a beautiful chair that I often lie upon and relax or play.

I do love Sky Crest. It has served me wonderfully.

I do hope you have enjoyed this tour of my home! I hopefully shale be posting my monthly decorations with you! In till then,

May you bink with every step.