Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My First Award!

My dear friends,
I have just realized that I have been honored as to receive an award from one of my best chums, Sir. Speedy! I assure you that I read the post in which he awarded this to me, but I never even imagined that somebun would award ME! So I seemed to have simply not recognized my own blog listed there in till it was pointed out to me! How embarrassing!
Anyhow, I am most pleased and honored to have received the award 

The Cracking Christmas Bloggywog Award!

The rules of this award are as follows:
1: To qualify you have to spread one or more of Joy, Peace, Hope and Love.
2: Anyone receiving the award may pass it on to any other anipal that qualifies to rule 1.
3: There are no limits to how many you can pass it on to!

I award this wonderful award to:

My mama ( not an animal written blog, but she is my mama and she loves me so she is an anipal!)

My meme (also not a animal blogger but she spreads not only one but ALL of the requirements of this and she loves me so she is an anipal!)

Now, I award the following to blogs that make me smile! Thus, they are spreading Joy, among other things :3

Loretta's...She Spoke To Me

Feel free to comment any other blogs you think I might like!
Sir. Fernly