Saturday, January 25, 2014

OMG. I just, totally broke a nail! The horror!

So, mama and meme and I where "playing" (they where brushing me) and I didn't like it! So I decided to hop away!
Unfortunately the ground was a lot farther away then it looked...
Then like, the whole world ended because OMG I was bleeding EVERYWHERE from my paw and, did I really? OMG I just, totally broke a nail!
A rabbit with as much dignity as me should not brake a nail!
And it HURT! Like, A lot! So, totally not kidding.

But, mama took good care of me and meme called the vet, and the vet said it was okay and we needed to do this that and the other thing and no, we did not need to come to the emergency room, so I guess I'm all better now.

Plus, mama was soooo worried and gave me lots of cuddles and even some carrot and I TOTALLY took advantage of that so, it's all good.

Still though guys, not fun! Make sure you have nice, heathy nails especially in cold winter when your paws can get dry.

Sir. Fernly